We support homeless people in their fight for fair housing, social integration and employment opportunities. We do this with the help of our member organisations: Arrels Foundation, Assís Reception Centre, Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul and Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God.


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Sensellarisme i accés a l’habitatge, l’experiència de la Fundació Mambré

In Catalonia, it is estimated that 18,000 people are in a situation of homelessness, in its most serious conditions: without a roof, in emergency accommodation and in hostels and temporary accommodation for homeless people...

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Diagnosis-2022. The situation of homelessness in Barcelona. Evolution and relationship with the labor market

Since 2008, the Barcelona Homeless Assistance Network (XAPSLL) has periodically published diagnostic reports on homelessness in the city. From the first homeless count and the book "Who Sleeps on the Streets?": A Social and Citizen Inquiry into Homelessness (Cabrera, Rubio, & Blasco, 2008) to the report presented below have passed twelve years...

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Maria Wants to make a home improvement job

The Mambré Foundation has set up a housing improvement program. Thanks to the Improvement Fund, the owners of an empty floor to be renovated will be able to face the financing without having to invest a single penny and in a short time they will have it reformed and rented.

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VESTA, a project of social innovation and shared work for women’s homelessness

A pioneering and scalable project; the commitment of different public institutions and the third sector to accompany women with dependent children and in a situation of homelessness in Besòs.

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INSULA, a coordinated response to housing access

Insula is born with Serveis Socials Sant Joan de Déu, Fundació Formació i Treball, Fundació Mambré and Cáritas Diocesana de Barcelona. A proposal for networking, which gives a collective and coordinated response to a structural difficulty in accessing housing.

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Mambré, símbol d'acollida

Manuel Lecha, President i fundador de Mambré ens aporta unes pinzellades del passat, present i reptes de futur de la Fundació.

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