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Mambré was founded in 2007 by four charities:

These experienced charities that support people at risk of social exclusionmore specifically, people at risk of homelessness stand together to offer a response to the needs of such people, especially their residential and employment needs.  It's a truly innovative project that, for the first time, brings together a group of nonprofit organisations to form a network of residential assistance.   

Our vision

Our Mission


Els nostres valors

Our aims

  • Meet the needs of people living in our accommodations who are at risk of social exclusion by empowering them through home ownership. 
  • Support people into employment through our training programme.

Our Foundation Charter

Best practices and good governance

  • Here you will find a basic guide on the obligations and responsibilities of the employers of the Mambré Private Foundation, based on the regulation that is made in Book III of the Civil Code of Catalonia and complementary regulations.


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