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The Christmas Campaign



The Christmas Campaign is a joint initiative of the organisations that make up Mambré Foundation, with the end goal of securing resources to improve the quality of life of homeless individuals. 

This year we have collected a total of €23.245 thanks to the donations you have made, and this has allowed us to celebrate that homeless people now have their own home
On behalf of the entire team at Mambré Foundation, thank you. We have published a Christmas greeting in La Vanguardia newspaper to all the businesses and organisations that have participated in the campaign.

At Mambré we will continue to work for the full inclusion of people who do not have a home, with the help of all those who want to help make this possible!

Remember that participating organizations (legal persons) can deduct up to 40% of the amount donated as part of the campaign, and that individuals can deduct up to 80% of their donation when presenting their income tax declaration.

We're already getting ready for 2023! For more information, click here or email Jordi Gonzàlez at: jgonzalez@fundaciomambre.org

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